New Beginnings...

You may have met us before as Eden Cafe and Bible Education Centre. We were located just above the Reject Shop in Morisset Square and we met quite a few of you! Our little space was used as a cafe, Bible study space, youth night space, charity event meet and more. Most of all, it was a chance for our church, the Watagans Christadelphians, to meet you and get to know our community.

Unfortunately we had to close our cafe due to life happenings...our volunteers moving state, overseas, having babies etc. But God Willing, we still have plans to find a new focus in Morisset. 

We began building our meeting hall 25th October 2014 and it is starting to look fantastic! Thanks to our friends and family for their help, and of course to God for blessing us through this exciting process. 

β€œAnd they said, Let us rise up and build. So they strengthened their hands for the good work.”
— Nehemiah 2:18